Minggu, 05 Februari 2012

About Her Brother (おとうと) - 2010

  •     Movie: About Her Brother (おとうと)
  •     Director: Yoji Yamada
  •     Writer: Yoji Yamada, Emiko Hiramatsu
  •     Producer: Hiroshi Fukasawa, Kenichi Tamura
  •     Cinematographer: Masashi Chikamori
  •     Release Date: January 30, 2010
  •     Runtime: 126 min.
In Tokyo, on a corner exists Takano Pharmacy. The owner is widow Ginko Takano (Sayuri Yoshinaga) who lost her husband a long time ago.
Ginko has one daughter named Koharu (Yu Aoi) who lives with her, and also living with them is Ginko's mother-in-law Kinuo (Haruko Kato).
 Ginko's daughter Koharu is engaged to an elite doctor. The day before the wedding, Ginko receives a wedding invitation that she mailed to her younger brother. The invitation was returned to sender. In Osaka, Ginko's younger brother Tetsuro (Tsurube Shofukutei) works as an actor and is an alcoholic. Tetsuro has been estranged from the family since he made a drunken scene at Ginko's husband's 13th death anniversary.
On the day of the wedding the mother-in-law is thankful that Tetsuro did not arrive. Ginko's older brother Shohei (Nenji Kobayashi) feels proud when Koharu states "...thank you for raising me." The atmosphere at the wedding is warm and calm, but later turns darker. Tetsuro, dressed in clean clothes, arrives at the wedding sweating.
 Shohei tells his younger brother "Please don't drink today." But, Tetsuro cannot help himself. With other young people at the wedding, Tetsuro starts drinking. Later, Tetsuro grabs the microphone and rambles incoherently. He then starts singing and knocks things over. Shohei can hear the groom's parents disproving comments. Shohei then tells them, "I will cut off all relations with Tetsuro ..."
 Feeling disappointed, Tetsuro finally returned home to Osaka to live a life in shambles over there. But the goodness of Ginko, Tetsuro old still be given bus fare.
 After six months on the embarrassing incident at her wedding, Koharu divorced her husband and a relationship with a carpenter, Toru (Ryo Kase).

 But unfortunately, the happier they are disturbed when a woman told Ginko Tetsuro collect debts for 1.3 million yen. Felt sick and sore, Ginko eventually membeludakkan anger against Tetsuro's sloppy-paced living. Tetsuro who do not feel guilty instead turned to scold Ginko and finally decided to return to Osaka, again.
 After several months of not hearing from Tetsuro, Ginko Osaka trying to contact the police station and report a missing person. Obtained by Ginko sad. Because the beloved sister was dying and was treated at a home in Osaka.Exactly on April 7, Tetsuro said his apology to her beloved brother and son who were named by him, Koharu. After apologizing, he made a V sign asking for the pictures, take pictures after he finally breathed his last breath in the arms of Ginko.
    "Ototo" has same title as Kon Ichikawa's 1960 film, but is not a remake.