Kamis, 21 Juni 2012

Inspiring Movie of SOEGIJA

Today I was with friends watching movies colossal PR JAVA is very inspiring movie, SOEGIJA.

The film is the story of a Great Father from Semarang city which loaded with the theme of humanity in Indonesia against the invaders to achieve independence.

Although I differ with Soegija beliefs, but I am very proud with him who always be a genuine struggle to help fellow human beings, though they have a different tribes.

Indonesia on the struggle turned out to be very-very dark. In this film the director Garin Nugroho able to raise just how cruel the Japanese occupation army that invaded Indonesia for three years, and the Dutch colonial power long enough to master Indonesia, approximately 345 years old.

But, I suggest you watch this movie. Because from Soegija thought, we can learn about the meaning of life to share and sincere to others.

Thank you for JAVA homework that has given me the opportunity to watch this movie Soegija.

Synopsis of Soegija

Director: Garin Nugroho
Executive Producer: Y.I Iswarahadi SJ
Producer: Djaduk Ferianto, Murti Hadi Wijayanto SJ, Tri Giovanni
Players: Nirwan Dewanto, Annisa Hertami Kusumastuti, Butet Kertaradjasa, Olga Lidya,
Wouter Braff, Wouter Zweers

The film is to depict the stories of humanity during the Indonesian war of independence (1940-1949). Is Soegija (played Nirwan Dewanto) who was appointed bishop in the Catholic Church native Indonesia. For him humanity is one, although different nations, the origin and variety.

And war is the story of the disintegration of the family of man. When the Japanese came to Indonesia (1942), Mariyem (Annisa Hertami) apart from Maryono (Abe), his sister. Ling Ling (Andrea Reva) separated from his mother (Olga Lydia).

It seems that separation is not only experienced by those who colonized, but also by the invaders. Nobuzuki (Suzuki), a Japanese soldier and Budhist adherents, he never have the heart to the children, because he also had a child in Japan. Robert (Wouter Zweers), a Dutch soldier who always feel so great war machine, eventually also touched by her innocent baby that he found on the battlefield. He was homesick, she missed her mother.

In the midst of war was Hendrick (Wouter Braaf) find love that he still could not have because of the war. Soegija wanted to reunite the family love stories of humanity that has been torn apart by the violence of war and death.

Who is Soegija?

Monseigneur Soegijapranata Albertus SJ., Or better known as Soegija. Born 25 November 1896 in the village of Kepatihan Meten Surakarta. The fifth son of the marriage and Soepijah Karjasoedarma. They are the courtiers of Kraton Surakarta.

From Surakarta, Karjasoedarmo family moved residence to Wirogunan, Yogyakarta. Small Soegija at an elementary school in Ngabean. The elementary school moved again to Pakualaman. Then move back to his Wirogunan. In this Wirogunan HIS, Soegija know Rm F van Lith SJ., Who came to Yogyakarta to look for students who want to go to school in Muntilan.

In 1909, school enrollment in Muntilan Soegija. And, on December 24, 1909 Soegija baptized with the name of Albertus bath. In 1910, the school continued in Kweekschool Soegija voor Javaanse Onderwijneers, this school has just opened at the time.

Soegija efflux in Kweekschool pass and was appointed teacher at the school in 1915. After becoming a teacher, in 1916, Soegija expressed his desire to become a priest.

In 1919, Soegija Departure to the Netherlands to study at the Gymnasium, Leiden which raised the Holy Cross order of priests. The next year, 1920, entered the Society of Jesus at the Novitiate Mariendaal, after special permission from the authorities the Society of Jesus, because Soegija became Catholic as an adult.

27 September 1922, saying Soegija Triprasetya the Society of Jesus. After studying philosophy at Berchmans College, Ondenbosch, Fr. Soegija returned to Indonesia and was assigned as a teacher in Muntilan 1923. While in this Muntilan Fr. Soegija also active in the press as editor of the Catholic weekly magazine Java language, Swara Tama. 1928, departed Soegija to Holland to study theology at Maastricht.

A year later, in 1929, for the first time to go to Rome to stand before Pope Pius XI, together with four other Jesuits from Asia. On May 25 and May 26, 1931, the official Soegija subdiakonat and ordained diaconate in Maastricht.


Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012

Slurred Together at Ruangrupa

WAAAAAH! it took so long I did not fill my blog.
because of busyness and laziness as well, that's why my blog a little neglected. hehehe (^o^)v

on my blog today, I will tell my activities on June 15, 2012.

Friday night last week, I along with good friends; Agditya Dwigantara, Titi Setyowati, and Achmad Martin have a good time at ruangrupa - Tebet to enjoy the magazine thanksgiving Bung! who has reached the 3rd edition.

Although the night was shrouded by rain were not stopped falling, accompanied
like dim my heart at that time. For some reason that night I felt very-very not in good mood, after receiving a short message from a person I know. Fortunately, I have three friends faithful, who managed to change my mood from dim to be lively.

Despite my mood being down, my choice to enjoy a Friday evening darkened with friends was just the right time to forget the kegalauan. Moreover, I can enjoy free musical entertainment provided by the magazine Bung! by bringing two indie musicians from Jakarta, Sir Dandy and Efek Rumah Kaca.

For four hours, the four of us were entertained by performances that we did not long enjoy together after college. Really exciting! I will never forget this unpleasant experience, you're cool! Sometime we enjoyed the music together again ya guys!

please enjoy Efek Rumah Kaca video I take while they perform in ruangrupa June 15, 2012: