Minggu, 05 Desember 2010

Amazing Stylish

The girl name is eSQy..she has a blogger for Harajuku On Earth.
Why I called this girl so amazing? Because, kak esQy really have a good talent of fashion.
When she dressing another cute girl, she make some magic to her and the model become realy stylish, edgy, fashionable, and really amazing.
and I think she really genius of making relationship with another blogger too.
I very luck to know her for to be my friend today..

2 komentar:

HARAJUKU on SPOT mengatakan...

yaa ampun una, am soo honour!!! thank you soo much and u also have talent on your reporter karir!!

Edy Yulianto mengatakan...

mau donk didandanin harajuku,,, kira-kira saya pentes g ya..??