Minggu, 02 Januari 2011

My Happy New Year Party

This is my family, I have 3 brother and one little sister
This is my sweet corn New Year Party Eve
They are my 2 little brother name is Asa and Raka
Yeah...Yeah...welcome To 2011 with a nice firework

Yeah...yesterday..I had a great party with my family.

We spend all night on new year eve with a sweet corn and firework.

I never forget 2010, who gift me all the best thing I ever dream about.

2010, all my dream come true.

Thanks God...

in 2010 I have a great Job ---> become a journalist.

in 2010 I have a very hommy..with my beautiful family.

in 2010 I have a romantic boyfriend.

Thanks God...

Hope in 2011 year..

All my dream come true again..


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