Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

Fashion TV now HD quality

Yesterday, I came to First Media realest party on Hotel Sunan - Indonesia.
When I looked up around the penthouse Hotel Sultan, I saw a big screen television playing a great fashion runaway.
"What's that?"
I spontaneous say that word in front of the big boss Hotel Sultan and his guest.
Oops..I really say, and I truly sorry I was said that word so louder.
Hiks...‎​(-̩̩̩-͡ ̗--̩̩̩͡ ) ◦°◦≈ ‎ ‎ нůHůнůнůHůнů ≈◦°
I check and Ricek, which station television can play a great runaway ever than Fashion TV.
Yeah...finally I found the Beautiful F icon, and you know what? that was a truly Fashion TV runaway show...*\(^e^)/*
And you know what, again..
First Media was a number one TV cable in Indonesia, played a HD technology on their show.
Now..Indonesia people can see a great Fashion Runaway with a HD movement, only with First Media..Yippy \( •̃͡ -̮ •̃͡)/
You know what?
Selain, Fashion TV, with First Media..you can see a great movie HD with HBO HD channel, and a nice sport station with ESPN HD.
Woohooo..I have a special entertaiment today \(•˘▼˘)> <(˘▼˘•)/


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