Minggu, 30 Oktober 2011

Polyster Embassy - Orange is Yellow

On 28 October 2011, I'm came to HP Envy Series Launch Event in Plaza Senayan - Jakarta. First of all, I just came to know what is the latest HP notebook technology will marketing in Indonesia, but lately when the host saying that HP would bring a great indie musican perform on XXI Lounge Stage I really getting up for take a question. Who is it? What kind of musican will perform on that cloudy afternoon?

Tara...Taraaaat....The host announce once again, that the musican history has perform on Music Matters Live 2011 in Singapore. Oh...I knew that musican (because I had wrote about this band on CHIP.co.id). Yahuuy! of course I knew it! Polyester Embassy.

Finally I can see the Polyester Embassy life perform. Thanks HP and of course Mr.Bem, Mr.Ameer, Ms.Verra who invite me to this event. Like it so much. So many thanks to you all, and hopefully love that video which I made it for.

P.S Love,