Rabu, 30 November 2011

Big Accident About Me

On last Thursday (24/11/11), I get a big accident. Where I fell off a motorcycle that resulted in my condition can not be explained with words.

Started when I came home from work at night. Normally I do not have bad thoughts and afraid to go home, but because of a tweet from my friend who warned that the number of theft on the road, I became alarmed.
Along the way I have a really bad thoughts, will be the incidence of adverse events was similar myself.
I'm Sorry For My Scary face

Sure enough, my mind is not mind-fetched Ngada. The proof, almost robbed my bag. But unfortunately, not my bag is missing, but missing my beautiful face. Huiks ..

hospital care

After a severe accident scene, I get an intense care hospital in Puri Cinere.
For six days, I get moral support and prayers from your doctor, nurse, father, mother and friends.
Thank you all, I hope my health improves soon, Amen.

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