Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012

Slurred Together at Ruangrupa

WAAAAAH! it took so long I did not fill my blog.
because of busyness and laziness as well, that's why my blog a little neglected. hehehe (^o^)v

on my blog today, I will tell my activities on June 15, 2012.

Friday night last week, I along with good friends; Agditya Dwigantara, Titi Setyowati, and Achmad Martin have a good time at ruangrupa - Tebet to enjoy the magazine thanksgiving Bung! who has reached the 3rd edition.

Although the night was shrouded by rain were not stopped falling, accompanied
like dim my heart at that time. For some reason that night I felt very-very not in good mood, after receiving a short message from a person I know. Fortunately, I have three friends faithful, who managed to change my mood from dim to be lively.

Despite my mood being down, my choice to enjoy a Friday evening darkened with friends was just the right time to forget the kegalauan. Moreover, I can enjoy free musical entertainment provided by the magazine Bung! by bringing two indie musicians from Jakarta, Sir Dandy and Efek Rumah Kaca.

For four hours, the four of us were entertained by performances that we did not long enjoy together after college. Really exciting! I will never forget this unpleasant experience, you're cool! Sometime we enjoyed the music together again ya guys!

please enjoy Efek Rumah Kaca video I take while they perform in ruangrupa June 15, 2012:

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